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GS 40 Hood Custom
GFS 40 160677
ca. 1977
Hull # 16
owner: Roger Marthinussen
location: Norway


The current owner of Pantarei is Norwegian by birth. As far as he knows... Pantarei was bought new in the USA in 1978 and transported by ship to Norway. The previous owners had installed a teak deck and teak in the cockpit. The boat was sold to two professional sailors from Oslo. They sent the boat to Sweden in 1996 for an upgrade - where it got an Awl-Grip off-white finish!

Roger Marthinussen bought the boat in 1999 and has since spent many hours on her - working and sailing. You'll will find Pantarei sailing the coasts of Norway and Sweden from May to October.

Roger is quite proud of Pantarei and we see why!


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