Moondance was offloaded in 1977 at Honolulu and spent her early years in and
around the Hawaiian Islands. She was then sold and sailed to Seattle where
she enjoyed the Puget Sound and Vancouver Islands. After a few years her owner
started thinking of palm trees and warm water, so off she went, South to
Mexico then right turn to the Islands. Things didn't go well for her owner and
after several years at anchor off Lahaina she returned home to Seattle, where
she was loved by new owners for 5 years. When they decided airplanes were more
fun, we bough her and took her to Long Beach, CA. where we lived on her and
cruised to Mexico and the local islands. Then, after six months, we decided
to move back to the Northwest and Moondance had to put her running shoes back
on for another 1500 mile trip.

Now she's in Portland, waiting out a couple of winters until her owners meet
friends in Costa Rica in 2008, then a return to the NW via the Pacific
Islands. This should round out close to 100,00 miles on her bottom. I think she's
looking forward to it!