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GS 36 Trawler (1973)


Hi ya Captains:

We have just bought a 1973 36 ft. Gulf Star Trawler and have renamed her DEXTER-US in honor of my husbands new novel, Darkly Dreaming Dexter (Link to Book Review), we love our boat. We brought her down from New Bern, NC to Cape Coral, Florida in 16 days and found it a very comfortable vessel to cruise.

We are only the second owners to have this boat -- previously named SAGRACE. She is unusual I think because of her power. She has twin 130 Perkins but cruises at 10 knots at 1650 rpm and

burns just 3 gals an hour. Being former sailboat owners, we wanted to make the jump to trawler,

but still have a sailboat feel. We fell in love with our Gulf Star and would like to join your Gulf Star club.

The hull number is # GFS03678M731


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