Some great articles and photos of the GS 41 Sailing Auxillary...

In our opinion - the GS41 was the start of the Gulfstar sailing tradition!  Unlike the Motor Sailors -

the GS41 was as true to the sailing shape and form as you would get in 1973.  This vessel was tailored

to perform in the winds and waters from Florida to the Bahamas.  The rig is "low aspect" which makes

this boat easy to handle by 2 persons.  The keel was limited to ~5' 6" making this boat a perfect

choice for the shallower Bahamas anchorages.


Spec Sheets

Seen below - some of our GS41 friends...

   The "3 Amigos" - Perhaps the finest GS41 sailing captains to ever venture out

on the Chesapeake.  Jupiter, Diosa and Kokopelli arrange themselves neatly for an afternoon of

serious sailing conversation.

   "Jupiter" seen here sailing in the Caribbean.  You'll note an arch supporting 5 large

solar panels and a "club foot" jib.  Those items among other things make life in the Caribbean a bit

more comfortable.