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Owners' Manuals, Drawings, Wiring Diagrams, etc

It is our understanding that there is very little in the way of Owners Manuals, Drawings,

or Wiring Diagrams available.

You can find some odd diagrams "out there" but most of us find that the drawings and

diagrams are not very useful. 

Owners Manuals -

          What are you really looking for here?  You are probably interested in important

          info like Motor, Transmission, Tankage, Rig Dimensions, Hull Construction,

          Electrical Wiring and more.

This is WHY we have the website!  Your best source for information is from owners

who have "been there and done that".

If you find any manuals from Gulfstar - we'd love to see them!  So far we don't have

any of them - if in fact they ever existed.